The event was organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in conjunction with ICOMOS Singapore and Architectural Heritage Season. It was held at The Chamber, Level 2 The Arts House, on the 28th of November 2018.

Mr. Wong Chung Wan shares his experience in working with stones and tiles, ranging from natural stone such as marble, encaustic tiles, ceramic tiles and man made stone finish like terrazzo and Shanghai Plaster.

Discussions being held about the techniques for restoration fo tiles and stones.

Group photo with BCA Academy student and lecturers

Tour of MAEK’s showroom of historical artifacts

Tour of MAEK’s showroom of historical artifacts

A technical sharing session on lime technology was conducted by Dr. Dai Shi Bing, from Tongji University, Shanghai. An expert in historic conservation technology, Dr. Dai has more than 20 years of experience in building conservation and has published more than 40 papers on conservation techniques of cultural heritage.

Dr. Dai was invited to share about the advancement and usage of micro-lime for building restoration and examples of product used on different heritage building with various materials were shared. Hands-on demonstration of various lime products was conducted, allowing guests to have a first-hand experience of the effectiveness of the products. Materials such as timber and Shanghai Plaster were used during the demonstration and guests were impressed by the products’ performance.

Repairing of cracks on Shanghai Plaster chair

Completed crack repair on Shanghai Plaster chair

Poulticing on Shanghai Plaster surface

We had the pleasure of special guest Dr Morten Reeslev, founder of  Mycometer and expert in microbial testing. Dr Reeslev gave an interesting introduction on mold testing and mold investigation while Maek shared our diagnosis techniques to a group of clients consisting of architect, facility manager, developer and contractor.

Five members of our company had attended the technical talk on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Issues and Assessment Strategies organised by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), Singapore Chapter on the 26th of February 2018. Mr Derrick A. Dennis, a vastly experience environmental consultant and educator, shared his experience and knowledge related to the investigation of IAQ issues.

It was an enriching and informative event for all of us because of the many pointers and relevant experience knowledge he has shared with us. For example, Mr Dennis was sharing about how we, as investigators, should look at places where people do not usually take two glances at. Where a building has a locked room that nobody has access to, or at areas that are not at eye level, it is these places that should be given more attention during our investigation.

We had the opportunity to expose ourselves to his knowledge and assessment strategies and put these pointers to use in our own projects. This event has benefitted and reminded us that as Indoor environmental consultants, it is our duty to help our clients with our professional knowledge as well as share valuable insights and experiences with people in the same field.

Networking and Education at IAQA, Singapore

On the 15th and 16th of November 2017, the team had the pleasure of hosting Dr Richard Yelf in Singapore. He had kindly shared with us his knowledge on using Ground-penetrating radar (GPR), an equipment that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface of walls and floors, often making the invisible visible. This is a non-destructive testing method adopted to detect subsurface objects, voids and cracks, etc. during site inspections and investigation for various projects.

Richard provided many subtle but critical pointers of the technique. He passionately shared his experience and discussed many cases during the site training involving various modern and old architecture.

Our team members have shared that what they learnt in these two days spent in the office and at site with Mr Richard were very helpful as the knowledge learnt could be applied to the works they undertake.

Consultant Geophysicist – specialising in Ground Penetrating Radar