• Architectural Heritage

    Use of state-of-the-art techniques to develop sympathetic and sustainable methodologies to restore, conserve, repair and preserve the invaluable past.

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  • Building Pathology

    Getting to the root of the causations and implications of failures in order to develop strategies for intervention and prevention through investigation.

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  • Environmental Assessment

    Seeking a balance between human well-being and built-environment to preserve and restore a wider natural environment, ecology and biodiversity.

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  • Building Science

    To provide the predictive capability to optimize the building performance of new and existing buildings, to understand or prevent building failures, and a guide to design of new techniques and technologies.

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About Us

MAEK Consulting prides itself as an innovative third-party specialist consultant providing technical services to ensure sustainable management and development.

The strong client base that has been inaugurated is based on the efficiency and quality of the service that we consistently provide.

Over the years, outstanding rapport between the clients and the company is as a result of the trust and confidence the client had in the firm nurtured.

MAEK is built upon the foundation of a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary specialists including material engineer, chemist, environmental scientist, architect, mechanical engineer and civil and structural engineer.

The team is well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software that enhance their competency for problem solving and innovation.

Working within the realm of ever-inquisitive environment, the team has been successful in providing excellent solutions to various opportunities.

Mission & Vision

We strive to provide novel solutions to problems from design to construction as well as the long-term maintenance of the buildings and elements including ensuring the health of the built environment as well as the occupant within.

In our works, we take into consideration both the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the development and assets. Hence, we take pains to mitigate unnecessary downstream costs and failure to minimize any adverse impacts on the environment.

Recent Happenings


Our company is recognized by different agencies including: ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA); Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS); bizSAFE 3; ICOMOS; European GPR Association and Institute of Infrared Thermography.