Mr. Wong Chung Wan

Technical Director

M.Sc. (Building Science)
B.Eng. (Civil & Structural Engineering)

Mr. Wong has more than 30 years of extensive experience in materials consultancy, building envelope, building diagnosis and audit consulting works.


Ms. Foo Chin Peng


MBA, M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering)
B.Eng. (Mechanical & Production Engineering)

Aside from being the administrator of the organization, Chin Peng manages building audit projects and played instrumental roles in those involving indoor environment issues. Amongst her recent works include mold infestation problems and indoor environmental issues.


Ms Ryanne Tang Hui Shan

Associate Director

M.Sc. (Material Science & Engineering)
B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry & Biological Science

Ryanne is actively involved in building diagnosis for both new-built and existing structures, material consultancy for conservation and restoration of historical buildings, and performance evaluation of various innovative building products.


Mr. Lionel Foo Mou Hsien

Senior Consultant

B.Eng. (Civil & Structural Engineering)
Dip. Mechanical Engineering

Lionel has more than five years of civil engineering related experience. He also has been responsible for property management as well as marketing of building materials.


Mr. Ng Yi Hao

Consultant (Mech Eng)

B. Eng (Mech)

Yi Hao holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering). His area of expertise and interest are in ventilation and air flow of building.