Ellison Building

Location: 207 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188333

History: The Ellison Building is a beautiful colonial-styled building located at the junction of Bukit Timah and Selegie Roads. It was previously owned by Issac Ellison (1864-1928), a well-known figure and one of the leaders of the Jewish community in Singapore. Issac Ellison himself was Romanian Jewish, and the Ellison Building was built in 1924 possibly for his wife Flora Ellison, a Baghdadi Jew from Rangoon, Myanmar’s former capital.

Architectural Design: Colonial style

Scope: Architectural dilapidation survey and condition assessment was conducted to determine and record various types of defects, distress and deterioration observed. Protection of the building is the main objective as major tunneling works are being carried out below and around the building.

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