Golden Bell Mansion

Location: Pender Road, Singapore

History: The Golden Bell Mansion, an Edwardian-styled two-storey bungalow, known as ‘blood and bandages’ for the alternating strata of red brick and white rendered plaster, was constructed in 1909 and completed in 1910. The building has a mixture neo-classical colonnaded pediment adorned with Ionic and Tuscan columns. A Thai style stupa was incorporated at the corner tower as a touch towards Tan Boo Liat’s friendship with the King of Siam, Thailand.

Architectural Design: Edwardian styled

Scope: Conducted building dilapidation survey and investigation of water seepage and dampness issue to the building. Various non-destructive tests were carried out during the dilapidation inspection and investigation works, such as infrared thermography (IRT), drill resistance measurement system (DRMS), timber resistograph and etc. The findings are to serve as the basis for future restoration and rectification works.

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