Haw Par Villa

Location: Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore

History: Haw Par Villa, was constructed by the Aw-brothers who were behind the famous Tiger Balm medical ointment. It is a well-known park showcasing the Chinese heritage and traditional beliefs. Built in 1937, it houses a wide collection of statues showcasing different Chinese folktales. The park was converted to a theme park and later converted to a park for all to appreciate Chinese culture.

Architectural Design: N.A.

Scope: Working with architectural partners, the architectural history and construction methods were uncovered. The condition of statues and structures found within the park were assessed. Defects identified on the surface includes corrosion of metal surface, spalling on reinforced bars, biological growth on surface and deterioration of surface due to constant exposure to weather.

Condition and materials used for the structures and statues in the Park were assessed via a series of non-destructive testing and laboratory instrumental examination. These include microscopic examination, petrographic analysis, videoscopic inspection, infrared thermography and ground penetrating radar. Moreover, there are a number of interesting materials found to have been used, such as corals, glass fragments, and etc. The details serve as a good reference for the subsequent restoration work to be
planned out, as well as documentation of the traditional tradeworks.

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