Indoor Environmental Investigation

Indoor air quality issue has been on the rise in recent times and negatively affect the conditions in our indoor spaces where people spend most of their time in. We provide services such as mold testing, indoor air quality monitoring as well as investigative to determine extent of issue and the causes.

Different techniques are adopted by our team of experienced personnel to conduct investigations and diagnosis of a building’s air quality issue. For example, monitoring temperature and relative humidity to identify ventilation issues or identifying possible water ingress and moisture source from facade and other sources. Building Science is an important aspect of indoor environment diagnosis. The analysis of hygrothermal behavior in building is slowly becoming more important in investigation of indoor air.

MAEK Consulting is also able to provide recommendations to solve the issues faced and in cases of mold growth, provide remediation services and quality assessment and quality checks to ensure decontamination works have been carried out successfully. We collaborate with with other mycologist and mold experts. Personnel at Maek also participate actively at international conferences on indoor environment.

With greater awareness of indoor environmental quality, more feedback has been generated based on musty smell and thermal discomfort within offices and commercial buildings. MAEK Consulting has been engaged by various organizations to identify the source of musty smell and remediation required. Tests using data-logging equipment and Infra-red Thermography were utilized for to detect the source of mold and moisture.

Various tests involved in air-tightness investigation, air conditioning and ventilation are carried out to diagnose the issue.

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