Abdul Gafoor Mosque

Location: Dunlop Street, Singapore

History: The Construction of Abdul Ghafoor Mosque began in 1907 and presumably completed in 1937. This mosque also known as Indian mosque because it built to serve the religious needs of the South Indian Muslim merchants and Baweanese horse trainers residing in Kampong Kapor. Masjid Abdul Ghafoor was gazetted as a national monument on 13 July 1979.Today, the mosque stands facing a row of shophouses that are now used for Qur’an classes and other subjects, as well as for communal activities.

Architectural Design: Indo-Saracenic style

Scope: We provided building dilapidation survey to the building. Various non-destructive testings were carried out during the dilapidation inspection and investigation works, such as Infrared Thermography (IRT), Microwave Tomography, Drill Ressitance Measurement System (DRMS), timber resistograph and etc. The findings are to serve as the basis for future restoration and rectification works.

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