Mount Sophia

Location: Mt. Sophia Road, Singapore

History: The Mount Sophia Development consists of 3 separate buildings – Olson Building, Former Trinity Theological College Chapel and Former Nan Hwa Girls’ High School.

Part of the historic Methodist Girls’ School (MGS), the Olson Building was completed in 1928 as a purpose-built educational facility at Mount Sophia. Abounding with religious symbolism, from its architectural form, spatial arrangement and materials used, the Former Trinity Theological College was completed in 1969 for the purpose of training pastoral staff.

Completed in 1940s, the Former Nan Hwa Girls’ High School is an art-deco styled reinforced concrete building finished in Shanghai plaster, with 2 symmetrical pitched roof wings for classroom and a projecting portico in the centre.

Architectural Design: N.A.

Scope: We were involved in the Addition and Alterations (A&A) and conservation of the buildings. Acting as specialist material consultant, we provided advice on suitable and compatible materials for the restoration and conservation works. As the buildings were to be restored, the materials and methods used for works were crucial. Materials analysed for the works includes brick masonry, lime plaster and timber.

Material testing and evaluation were also conducted to determine condition of the heritage finishes and appraise effectiveness of restoration works. Various non-destructive tests and chemical analysis were conducted to ensure restoration works were conducted to satisfactory standards.

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