Restoration of People of The River Statues

Location: Singapore River

Artists: Chong Fah Cheong, Chern Lian Shan, Aw Tee Hong and Malcom Koh

History: Consisting of 4 sets of statues, the People of the River statues were specially commissioned to depict the livelihood of traders or immigrants in Singapore in the early 1900s, when Singapore River was an active trading port. Each set of statue represents different aspect of the life, from children playing to different types of traders ranging from local traditional chettair to a modern saleslady. The bronze statues can be appreciated along Singapore River today.

The four statues are:

  • The First Generation
  • From Chettiars to Financiers
  • The River Merchants
  • A Great Emporium

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Scope: MAEK Consulting has been engaged to conduct assessment on the condition of the statues and to determine the original construction or layout details. Multiple tests were conducted to the statues to determine the condition and materials used. Apart from visual inspection, tests such as X-ray Fluorescent were conducted to determine the material composition of the statues. Defects such as cracks and patination were observed on the surface of statues, this could be due to prolong exposure of statues under the sun and rain.

After verifying the condition of statues, appropriate repair methods were proposed. MAEK Consulting project manage the restoration works,  overseeing the tendering process and supervising the specialized repair works. Project management of the repair works was also overseen by the company, ensuring the repair works were done in accordance to the approved method and to satisfactory level.

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