St Joseph’s Church

Location: Victoria Street, Singapore

History: St Joseph’s Church is a Roman Catholic Church constructed from 1906-1912. Similar to its predecessor, the Church of Sao Jose, it was built with the Gothic Revival architectural design. The Church of Sao Jose was demolished in 1906 and Saint Joseph’s Church was built on the same site, completing construction in 1912. In 14 January 2005, St. Joseph’s church was gazetted as a national monument.

Architectural Design: Gothic Revival

Scope: Architectural dilapidation survey and condition assessment was conducted to determine and record various types of defects, distress and deterioration observed. The extent of defects and recommend intervention strategies were addressed as a basis for the restoration works.

Also working as a material consultant in the restoration project, our scope of works included material testing and evaluation to determine condition of heritage finishes and effectiveness of restoration works. Non-destructive testing such as Infra-red Thermography, Drill Resistance Measuring System (DRMS), Surface Penetrating Radar were used for the understanding of existing condition and verification of the works. Timber assessment was conducted on the historical building.

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