The Adam Park Project

Location: Adam Road, Singapore

Architectural Design: Colonial Black & White house

History: The Adam Park Project consists of the undercovering of history at the Black & White houses along Adam Park. Initiated by Mr. Jonathan Cooper, he conducted his research on WWII activities that occurred at Adam Park. Apart from conducting research, Mr. Cooper also initiated archeological digs around the front porch and back yards of the houses and unearthed many historical finds, such as used bullets, buttons and even medical equipment.

Adam Park was found to be a Prisoner of War (PoW) camp during the Japanese Occupation and extensive research was conducted to uncover the history of the surrounding areas.

Scope: One of the black and white houses was discovered to be a chapel and history records a mural on the chapel wall. After much research by Mr. Cooper, the location of the chapel was identified and MAEK Consulting was engaged to uncover the mural beneath the painted wall surface. Non-destructive test such as Infra-red Thermography and Surface Penetrating Radar was used but no conclusive data could be achieved. Subsequently, each paint layer on the wall was gently removed and the top scroll was exposed after days of tedious paint removal. With the mural exposed, it is confirmed the location is the location of the chapel during the PoW period.

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