Mr. Lionel Foo Mou Hsien

Senior Consultant

B.Eng. (Civil & Structural Engineering)
Dip. Mechanical Engineering


Lionel has more than five years of civil engineering related experience. He also has been responsible for property management as well as marketing of building materials. At MAEK, Lionel has been played a key role in various conservation projects, including material consultant, advising developer, architect, contractors and material suppliers. He was involved in various conservation projects, including the Ellison Building, Raffles Hotel, National Art Gallery and Capitol Building. He is also active in diagnosis projects, leading the team in projects at local high-rise commercial, residential towers and clean room laboratory.

Lionel is well versed with knowledge of various engineering materials and non-destructive techniques, such as ultrasonic pulse echo, surface penetrating radar and microwave moisture measurement. He is also a licensed Level 2 Infra-red Thermographer.

Prior to joining MAEK, Lionel has worked as a senior property executive at a multi-national firm, providing technical support for property developer. He also experiences with material suppliers, providing technical sales support for building products.