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A Comparative Study of Heritage Digital Documentation of a Historic Fountain: Photogrammetry, Structured Light Scanning System, and Mobile LiDAR

International Heritage and Cultural Conservation Conference 2023 at Sibu, Serawak, Malaysia.

Exploring Digital Documentation for Shophouses in Singapore

C. P. Foo, C. W. Wong, Y. H. Ng, R. Jacosalem | CIPA Conference 2023 | Florence, Italy

Characterisation of Historic Mortars with Respect to Their Repair and Restoration

Lime Works and Conservation for Heritage Buildings Workshop 2019, George Town World Heritage Incorporated, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNSECO) and Melaka & George Town Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca, 30th September and 1st October, 2019, George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Restoration and Moisture Investigation Methods in Singapore

Australia Restoration Conference and Tradeshow 2018

Investigation and Diagnosis of Mold Infestation in Buildings of Warm Humid Climate

Healthy Buildings Asia 2018

Application of Petrography as A Tool For Assessing Historic Mortar For The Purpose Of Restoration

INHERIT 2018, 3-5 December 2018, Sarawak, Malaysia

Petrography – Revealing the History of Materials and Failures

Construction Materials – Quantitative Studies in Microscopy and Its Future, 8th November 2018, University Technology Mara, Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Heritage Conservation and Restoration to Heritage Buildings

Myanmar Engineering Society, Yangon, Myanmar, 25 October 2017.

Managing Recalcitrant Rising Damp and Salt Attack Problems in Heritage Buildings in the Tropics

International Academic Forum – Built Heritage: A Culture Motivator for Urban and Rural Development 2017, Shanghai, China

Mold Infestation in Buildings of Warm Humid Climate

Case Studies at Healthy Buildings 2017 Europe

Restoration of Timber with Fibre Reinforced Polymer Case study – Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall Project, Singapore

International Conference on Conservation and Restoration of Historic Timber Architecture-2014, Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College, China 21-23 October 2014

Diagnostic Condition Assessment of a 180 Years Old Church in Singapore for the Purpose of Restoration

International Conference on Sustainable Building Restoration and Revitalization 2013, Shanghai, China


Restoring a Tribute – Tan Kim Seng Fountain

Larry Koh Hann Suk, Foo Chin Peng, Wong Chung Wan | Commonwealth Heritage June Newsletter 2024

Exploring Digital Documentation for Shophouses in Singapore

C. P. Foo, C. W. Wong, Y. H. Ng, R. Jacosalem | CIPA Conference 2023

Conservation Technical Handbook – A Guide for Best Practices

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore and ICOMOS Singapore. (

Volume 1 – Introduction
Volume 2 – Roof
Volume 3 – Facade
Volume 4 – Structure
Volume 5 – Doors and Windows
Volume 6 – Interior Elements
Volume 7 – Painting

IAQ Magazine – Hidden Menace: Non-Destructive Technique for Investigation of Moisture Issue in Hot Humid Climate

IAQ Magazine, Building, Environment, Wellness, Innovation. IAQ Magazine. 2021. 1, s.l. : IAQ Magazine, April 2021, Vol. 1, pp. 42-29. (