Non-Destructive Testing

At MAEK,  we believe in the deployment and use of a wide range of NDTs for the characterization and diagnosis of building and material failure. NDT provides initial assessment of conditions over a larger area, providing direction for further destructive investigation whenever necessary. This can range from infrared thermography to detect surface temperature differences; sub-surface imaging techniques such as the ground penetrating radar and ultrasonic pulse echo; to drilling resistance measurement; to equipment that can quantify the degree of corrosion. Moisture detection within different substrate can be detected with microwave and ultrasonic techniques, identifying the source of water ingress and addressing the issue from the source.

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Software Simulation

Software simulation is adopted to evaluate conditions and provide brief study where necessary in the course of investigation and analysis works. This method can be applied when various parameters are considered and the usage of the software simulation can forecast potential issues and solutions. Software simulation minimize cost of actual experimentation by reducing the number of tests required.

For airflow simulation, on-site condition reading such as flow rate, temperature, humidity, etc will be needed as a set parameter to perform a real-time air flow simulation, outcome of the simulation is as accurate as the number of known parameters. There are infinite number of influences in a simulation study which is unlikely to address all of them as parameter in a simulation. Therefore, to determine the most important factor that affects the simulations will be our strength in a simulation study.

Simulation is one of the useful tools to forecast the possible outcome in terms of efficiency, thermal comfort, condensation, fatigue mode and etc. with different design without expensive in process modification.

Different software for Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis, mold prediction, building science and related simulation are used. This is to complement testing and results observed during visual inspection.

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Microscopic and Laboratory Analysis

We have invested in several optical microscopes for numerous materials investigations works. Our microscopes include basic binocular microscope to phase contrast microscope for biological samples, cross polarization microscope with UV source and latest high-resolution digital microscope. Besides laboratory-based microscope, we also adopt the use of site microscopes for certain site investigation. Where necessary, high magnification diagnosis are carried out using scanning electron microscope from external laboratory and institutions.

Besides microscopy, other laboratory testing using thermal analysis, mechanical testing and chemical testing are also carried out. X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy are sometimes used.

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Photogrammetry, Scanning & Heritage Digitization

Latest development in 3D scanning and photogrammetry have been adopted to enhance presentation and efficiency of assessment works. Maek has the capability to scan buildings and structures such as statues, ornaments  into point cloud for digitization into model as well as CAD drawings. This technique is particularly useful for heritage build which do not have as-built architectural drawings.

3D model can be used for Augmented Reality (AR) presentation and digitization.  Client who engaged us for this technology will have access to our cloud for the 3D model.  Digital photographic and video graphic output are also used for assessment and recording which allow us have better understanding on the building health and manage the building accordingly.

In MAEK, usage of various imaging techniques with geographical tagging are vital in appreciating different building by its geographic positioning location. This additional information is useful for additional data analysis and presentation.

Drone and 3D cameras are  used for image capturing. The scanning from various different methods may also be combined digitally to create a complete model using software.

3D Imaging provides a path towards Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality presentation providing enhance visualization.

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Geographical Information System

ARCGIS is used for automated inspection, uploading of data and initial data analysis. We have developed an in-house inspection system based on international standard for objective assessment of building defects. The point scoring system enables objective and quantifiable assessment of condition survey and asset management.

Conservation Techniques

During the course of restoration of various architectural heritage, often specialized methods have been developed to treat them appropriately. Treatment of historic timber, metal (bronze, brass, copper, cast iron etc), masonry, stones, Shanghai Plaster and architectural ornaments have required us to develop new processes.

We have developed methods for accelerated patination of copper, poulticing of marble and granite and use of lime plaster for restoration process. We continually look for better methods for restoration of architectural heritage.

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