Mr. Ng Yi Hao

Consultant (Mech Eng)

B. Eng (Mech)


Yi Hao holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering). His area of expertise and interest are in ventilation and air flow of building. He is also interested in materials characterisation techniques. He is also responsible for our laboratory operations and supports petrography samples preparation and analysis. His daily works involve conducting various assessment using non-destructive techniques such as timber resistograph, infra-red thermography, ground penetrating radar, ultrasound tomography, microwave moisture measurement and many more.

Yi Hao has played a large and effective role in providing consultancy in air-flow related project, moisture in flooring and structure related issues. He is also familiar with simulation software including Ansys, CATIA and ArcGIS. He also helps to develop in-house use application to increase the efficiency of data collection and report generation for SLA Asset Assessment for over 200 buildings.

He has strong affinity in software and computing. He provides tremendous support in various automation project and also holds the CAAS UAV Pilot License. With this, he has completed several aerial inspections using drone at Haw Par Villa, Malay Heritage Centre, St Josephs Church, Golden Bell and Abdul Gafoor Mosque.